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    The Farrah Fawcett Foundation visits UC Davis

    The FFF has expanded it’s collaboration with UC Davis  Comprehensive Cancer Center by supporting their AYA program in addition to our existing patient assistance fund.  AYA (Adolescents and Young Adults) supports the underserved population of teens and young adults going through treatments or in remission.  We met with several board members (and survivors) and were inspired by their strength.  It’s a great program and helps connect a population that otherwise remains unnoticed and unsupported.




      We are stunned and shocked at the loss of Mary Willard, President of Farrah’s Angels, our fundraising committee, who passed away on the night of July 12th.

      Mary was instrumental in bringing together people and energy and she helped to make both of our Tex/Mex events a success.  She supported our Christmas event and brought her incredible energy and humor, always being there to give.
      She donated her birthday to us last year and requested her friends give to us in lieu of gifts. We raised over $7000.
      Mary flew to Dallas with her celebrity husband Fred, to support our Dallas event and help us raise over 100k in that community for the American Cancer Society local chapter there.
      Mary, we love you and are so grateful that you were a part of this foundation.  Now you are in heaven with Farrah, and truly an Angel. 

      Remembering Mary Willard

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