Patient Assistance

The Farrah Fawcett Fund for Patient Assistance


“The UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center saved my life. Thanks to the Farrah Fawcett Foundation for providing support for both patients and caregivers and helping us beat cancer.” – Kristine Tesauro, Cancer Survivor

Pictured: Brianna Tesauro (right) provided her sister Kristine (left) with care and transportation to and from treatment.


“With the support of the Farrah Fawcett Fund for Patient Assistance, our patients receive financial assistance to help reduce their financial burden, allowing them to focus on their cancer care and recovery.”

– Karmanos Cancer Institute, Detriot, MI


The Juntunen Family

Alana Stewart remembers that Farrah was always grateful that she could afford her own treatment, and realized that there were much less fortunate. When the Foundation was newly opened we received a letter from a family member of a little boy named Bryan Wilson. In this letter, it was described that the family had to drive almost four hours each way just to get chemo for their son. The out-of-pocket cost to receive the needed treatments was putting this family in a desperate financial tailspin. As a private foundation, we are not allowed to donate money directly to individuals per IRS guidelines. After Alana Stewart personally visited this boy, who was receiving treatment at MD Anderson in Texas, she became committed to extending Farrah’s wish to help children and their families in financial need. Thus, the first Farrah Fawcett Fund For Patient Assistance was created. Bryan Wilson will remain in our thoughts as the All-American boy who was one day diagnosed with cancer and lost his battle soon thereafter. The Farrah Fawcett Fund is now at seven different cancer centers in the United States.

James from Houston writes, “Thank you so much for the fund. After calling MD Anderson, I received lodging assistance you’d mentioned. It was of great help to me. Thank you again so much for this invaluable service!”

You’re welcome, James!

Funds are in several states at various cancer centers. Those interested in applying for a fund should inquire with a social worker. The Foundation is not permitted to give funds directly to individuals.

Those who are interested in financial assistance but not located near a Farrah Fawcett Patient Assistance Funds should click here for additional resources.